Visas and passport help

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    Our daughters (18 yr) passport is due to run out in a few months, which has her visa attached.

    to renew her passport from here is pretty expensive, what I wanna know is if her passport expires does her Visa

    automatically get cancelled?


    We've been here 3.5 yrs on permanant resident visa. I was thinking If she has no rush to go travelling for a while she could wait till next year apply for citizenship then get an Ozzy passport or is that just not possible and she'll have to apply for British passport first and get Visa attached and then do the citizenship if she wishes to when she's ready..





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    Hi Nikki,


    Would she not have pr status automaticly if you both have it? The reason I ask is because if we get ours Brooklyn gets it straight away?



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    Guest lebour

    The expire of passport does not affect visa - her visa is to remain in Australia indefinitaly.


    Even if she renewed her passport - she could travel with old and new passport to show visa status.


    If she needs to leave Australia in a hurry this could be difficult, also even when she gets Australian Passoprt if returing to UK she would need British Passort to enter the country on - as she should not enter on Australia Passport.

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