Just over 2 year update!!!

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    Sooooo where did those 2 years go???? Seems like yesterday we landed in Adelaide.

    Two years on, 2 rentals and 1 temporary accomadation later we are finalising purchasing our own home here in Oz!!!!

    Soooo excited; I said I wasnt going to renovate EVER again, but am actually looking forward to it!

    Zack is coming up 16 in October, aaron turned 13 in February and have settled so well. They LOVE it here and now when asked the question about UK or Oz......Aaron (who hid under the table sobbing when we arrived), says 'why would we want to go back?!!'. They both have a great circle of friends and are rarely in!!!!

    Soccer is still a great part of their life and both belong to clubs and also play via school.

    Aaron started high school this year and loves it......a real first as he really didnt like school at all in England.

    Both Mark and I have permanent jobs......I have moved to a hospital nearer to home and have great hours.

    Mark (who was going to retire!), is working full time and loving it!

    Of course it hasnt all been rosy, we have had our low points and sometimes England really is on the other side of the world.

    Nothing is easy, but it IS achievable, the limit is only how far you are prepared to reach for what you want.

    For us.........BEST THING WE EVER DID!!!!! :jiggy::jiggy::biglaugh:


    PS: If any of you have any unwanted packing boxes, we'd be really greatful.....lent ours to a friend who was moving and they 'disposed' of them??????

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    Guest Helchops

    Congratulations on what sounds like a good couple of years.


    Btw, those are the worst friends ever!! I would lend you ours, but aren't arriving for 70+ days (the joys of shared shipping).


    Anyway, can you buy boxes on the net? There are normally a couple of house movers who'll provide boxes and shipping tape etc for pretty cheap.

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    Glad to hear you enjoy it here. We have also been here just over 2 years, enjoy the lifestyle and have overcome the testing times of homesickness (not me I should add):biggrin:

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