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1 year in

Guest ebstar

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Guest ebstar

Well here we 1 year on and what a year its been!

We flew out of Heathrow on 4th july last year and arrived in adelaide on 6th july. Never having been to Adelaide before, i must admit first impressions were not quite what we expected! It was freezing cold,foggy and raining hard as we emerged through the airport doors.We just looked at eachother frowning and exhausted from the flight.

That first two days were manic. My oh was supposed to have two weeks before starting work but was asked to start on the monday (day 3 in oz) as they were short staffed.

While my oh worked, i was on the hunt for a rental and everything we needed to set up a home.That was a task in itself but my gorgeous kids and the beautiful sunsets they were showing me kept me smiling.

I had a call from my parents to say they had booked their flights and were coming to stay with us for december.A bit of a surpise as we only had two weeks at our holiday let and no rental to go to at that point!

After the first two months we were pretty much settled.The kids were in schools,we had all the basics sorted and were enjoying drives through the hills and visiting places like cleland wildlife. The sun was making more of an appearance and life was generally for the first time in so long Good. My oh's birthday was very different as we spent it on the beach watching the new year fireworks,wow.

Loving where we were so much we started looking at properties to see what was available and get a better feel of what style of home would suit us. Although we said we wouldnt buy for 18months,we found our home within just 6. We moved in at the end of jan and now feel like we are truely home.

We went back to the Uk in april for a family wedding and although it was great to see everyone,it was very exhausting and we really missed home and even the kids could'nt wait to get back.

We are so much closer as a family and have time to spend with eachother. The weather,beach and outdoor lifestlye is so right for us.Our younger two children (10,11) are so much healthier and the opportunities for us as a family have far exceeded our wildest dreams.

We have had lots of dramas to.At the moment we have no heating at all and are still saving the funds to sort that. BUT, you know what,i could care less because we love SA.

Great year 1 bring on year 2!

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Guest ebstar
Thanks for sharing. Nice post and great to hear that you have settled in. Which area did you buy into ?





Hi Sarah.We are in Happy Valley.Everyone back in the UK thought we were taking the P at first, as Happy Valley is the name of our favourite chinese in the UK!

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