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Further medical results referred

Guest gopibsc

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Guest gopibsc

Application 457 Business Long Stay Dependant -

22/06/2012 Application received - processing commenced Message

22/06/2012 Application fee received Message

26/06/2012 Application being processed further Message

View your receipt details


Person 1

Date of birth: 19 September 1982

30/06/2012 Health requirements finalised Message

10/07/2012 Information received Message

30/06/2012 Further medical results received Message

30/06/2012 Further medical results received Message


Person 2

Date of birth: 22 September 2008

22/06/2012 Health requirements outstanding Message

06/07/2012 Further medical results referred Message

Bit worried as its more than a week there is no update

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Guest ebstar

Try not to worry to much. My family of 5 had medicals together and 3 were finalised very quickly but mine and my sons had the referred message you have. I was really stressed and contacted my agent to find out more. He told us that its nothing to worry about as they don't update efficiantly with the correct information and being able to see these results normally just causes more stress for those waiting. A few weeks later we were finalised and granted our visas. Good luck.

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Guest gopibsc

Hi, Thanks for possitive encouragement, i have already got my visa grant and stamping 28 June, i have applied for my wife, son and daugther, my wife and sons medicals finalised within a 2 days and put my daughters medical as refered i contacted the visa officer, he told everything looks fine and waiting for the medical summary from the medical panel, he ask me to check next monday thats on 16th July. fingers crossed. how long does this wait?



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