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G'Day Poms

Guest maxLIFE

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Guest maxLIFE

Hi All,


Just joined and wanted to say hello to all.:biglaugh:


We visited Oz last Christmas:xmas14:, Melbourne and Sydney was unreal!


We're in the process of our Skills Assessment approved, EOI lodged and SMP application away for SA. We're just getting our other forms together now, references, Form 80 and other bits and bobs.

My wife is a primary school teacher and we'd love to live by the beach. Any thoughts or advice appreciated!:notworthy:


Cheers! Cool icons, EH?



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Hi MaxLife


Welcome to the site and congrats on lodging your application - exciting times ahead!



You say you visited Melbourne and Sydney - What made you choose Adelaide? and have you been here before?



We live by the beach at Moana (down south!)... Adelaide has stunning beaches all along the coast - there are so many to choose from!........




Good luck with the next part of the visa - PIA members are great at helping with any questions...






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Guest maxLIFE

Hi likesshopping,


Thanks for the welcome! We loved Melbourne and Sydney. My wife has a friend in Melbourne and her friends even let us stay in their house near the beach which was a great way to get a feel on living by the coast in Oz. Sydney, fab place but a real Supercity. We never say never to anything but we liked the feel Sydney was a great place to visit. It reminded us of London with it's buzzing atmosphere but we're after a slower pace for family life. It was our intention to drive back from Sydney to Melbourne via Adelaide and the cops there had extended an open invite too, so I could discuss my options, but we ran out of time.


My wife's friend rated Adelaide as a great place for family life. My wife teaches and when we initially started getting things going primary teaching dropped off the SA SOL list! Then a couple of months later it is back on, so it's been all go since then as we don't want to delay in case we miss our chance.


We're finishing off our Form 80s awaiting for a DIAC invite to apply.


Thanks for your wishes and I'll let you know how we get on!

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Hello and welcome to the forum :)


With regard to primary teaching, I am not sure of the job market in Adelaide itself. One of my family members teachers primary and tells me Adelaide it can be hard to find jobs at that level and most of the work is out in the sticks, regional areas and that if people are prepared to take a job out there somewhere for a couple of years then it can make it better to then find work in the city.


We have a few migrant teachers on here though who can give you a good ex pat perspective. My family member is an Aussie and has been teaching for many years now so doesn't have the migrant aspect.


Adelaide is lovely (I think so anyways :P ) but its sure a far cry from the cities you've visited. It is family friendly but if you want the hustle and bustle like you may find in Sydney or Melbourne, be aware, it isn't really like that in Adelaide. I've always enjoyed the social scene in Adelaide but its a far cry from the likes of the UK city we live near now (Bristol) and is more on a larger town that city in many ways to me. However, it is large in terms of space as it sprawls on for miles suburb wise, something our cities don't really do as much. We are far more cramped in the UK cities for the most part.

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