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Guest maxLIFE

Are you looking at me? Taxiing

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    Guest maxLIFE

    Hi All,


    We're applying for a PR visa through my wife's occupation. I was thinking on taking up taxi driving as a job to put bread on the table in the short to medium term. I can see a few benefits... orientating myself, meeting folk etc. I think it would be a good way of fitting work around childcare too.


    Does anybody taxi in Adelaide? What's an average income roughly? How may hours do you need to put in for a decent wage? Can you use the taxi when off duty? Do you pay the taxi company for use of the car? How much did it cost and how long did take to apply and get accredited?


    Please share your thoughts and experiences, appreciated!:chatterbox:

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        HI All,
        Please help me as i am pretty confused with proving full time work using Taxi driving. I Called up DIAC and they told me its hard for taxi drivers to prove that they were workin full time for 35 hrs a week. They dont accept working login/ out hours from the taxi company as its not the employer. How do i go about it... Please help.