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Shipping fridges??


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Hello! We are in the throws of sorting the shipping of the contents of our house.... I'm hating it. It's chaos:wacko: Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone has shipped their fridge??? How on earth do you stop it going mouldy?? We are going to dry it out before hand but I still suspect it's going to be green when I next see it!

Thanks lots!

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Guest bigal

Might sound a bit petty but you are absolutely not allowed to bring any plant material into Aus. that would include tea bags,mind you if you were caught they would probably just confiscate the bags,but just beware customs take it very seriously.

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I guess a loose tea bag might not go down to well. But people take in boxes of tea bags no problem iirc, reading around various forums. Declaring food stuffs when bringing it in to Aus is a must and if they have concerns about it, you may loose it but no fine as its been declared (no idea about single tea bags in fridges though lol).


I'd talk to your shippers and see what they suggest perhaps? Silica gel might be the way forward.


We plan to ditch our fridge and buy a bigger one once in Aus. Its well over 10 years old now so can retire when we move :)

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Guest loublack

we shipped our fridge/freezer and didn't put anything inside at all. just cleaned it well with anti bac wipes the day before it was packed. left it over night unplugged with the doors open to dry out completely and it arrived mould and smell free :)

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