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Guest Praz

SA state sponsorship IELTS requirement has changed today

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    Guest Praz

    Hi all,


    I have applied for SA state sponsorship under 190 VISA two weeks ago(System Administrator). At that time IELTS requirement was 6 for each modules.


    My Result for IELTS as below and I was happy till today.


    L : 6

    R : 6.5


    S :8



    Now when I look the SA site today, I saw some changes and IELTS requirement for my nominated occupation( System Adminstrator) has changed to 6.5 for each module now. I am so disappointed nowarghh.gif


    Will they access my application, according requirement had when I was applying two weeks ago or according latest requirement on SA site nowwacko.gif


    Please advice

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    Guest Geoffry Bakker

    Read below.

    I send a state sponsorship in on the 5th of july and couln't log in on their site anymore and send them a mail.

    This war their response!


    In response to your e-mail, Immigration SA have updated our website and some pages have been moved. The website address is still the same -

    Unfortunately the link to the client tracking system for all applications, submitted prior to 14/07/2012, had been unavailable and you would not have been able to track or view the status of your application. This issue has now been resolved and you will now be able to check the status of your application via the quick link - or via the News and Events page on the home page of the website – Click on “Tracking Applications”.

    Please be advised that you will not be able to view your previous application submitted prior to 14/07/2012 in the new on-line system.

    If this concerns your application: Applicants who submitted applications on-line, on or before 13/07/2012 will need to meet the State Nomination requirement at the time of submission. If the occupational IELTS requirement for your occupation at time of your on-line submission was 6 in each band when you submitted your on-line application, this is the requirement that will be applicable to your application.

    Due to the introduction of SkillSelect and the large volume of applications received at the start of the program year, the processing of South Australian nomination applications received in July may take longer than the standard 8 week processing time.

    Please do not contact Immigration SA regarding the status of your application or to FAST TRACK your application. All applications that have been received are date stamped in date order of being received, registered within 2 – 3 days and placed into the processing queue in date order of being received. Once a decision is finalised on your application, you will be sent an e-mail notifying you that a decision has been made.



    Project Officer, General Skilled Migration


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