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Things to sort out when we firsr arrive


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Hi All lovely people


we arrive to Adelaide on 31st July on 457 visa. What things I need to organise in the first few days of arrival. I know rental and our daughters school is on top priority.. Any advice would be good.


Also My job is in RAH and some cover in community hospitals as well. We are in process of finalizing a rental in EDEN HILLS. To us it seems to be good suburb. Has someone got opinion of the area. Any suggestions and opinions are welcome.


Thanks alot for your time.



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Hello there.


I've moved this to a more general section as you are covering a couple of subjects.


Is the rental you are securing atm a short term let? Most people generally wait till they are in Aus before securing a long term rental so they can work out which areas are best, check schools and zones for them etc and hopefully not be stuck in a hole of a house for 6 months.


I don't know Eden Hills at all I'm afraid. Have you checked out the school map and which schools are zoned and which are not. I'm not sure how old your daughter is, senior or primary so have included some links for more info for you.








Having seen it on the map, for me thats pretty far out in the burbs so to speak. Our cut off point is Seacliff but staying the east side of Marion Road if we can. But I guess if the commute to your work etc is ok for you then :) We all like different aspects so where I would prefer to be isn't going to be the same as others of course ;)

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Guest andylynnchriskirst

Hi Taran!

We've only been here a week and a half!

We've found that banking is a must! NAB were extremely helpful as we turned up in the city on our first day here, and they were very good!

We have rented out a short term rental, and because it was such a lovely area, have now chosen to rent long term 1km up the road! But renting short term has definitely giving us the oppurtunity to look around different areas. We were lucky that the house was amazing and that the area was also brilliant, but others may not have been.

And we've been told that Ambulance Insurance and Medicare are important things to sort out too!


It's a bit overwhelming when you first arrive, and there is a lot to do, but just go with the flow :). South Australia is absolutely amazing!

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Guest frogstercouk

Having done it once I would like to add:

Go to the local road transport authority (RTA) office and get an aussie driving licience as its an invaluable form or ID that a lay man will recognise over a british passport! http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/downloads/gid_dl1.html

Get a tax file number (TFN) from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) https://iar.ato.gov.au/iarweb/default.aspx?pid=4&sid=1&outcome=1

Get a bank account as noted above

Go to a medicare office with your passport and get a temporary medicare card, and apply for a permanent one. http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/medicare/medicare-card

Get some sunscreen!! and,

Learn your acronyms, they love TLA's (three letter acronyms!!!)

Keep smiling, its all new and exciting!



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Guest bigal

Eden Hills, hilly, reasonable quality suburb, personally I prefer to live in a flat area where I can walk if I want to without busting my guts. 20 minute drive to the RAH if traffic is flowing with no problems.

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Hi AgainThank you so much everyone.. Thats so helpful.. Its a fully furnished short term let upto mid october which we are hoping to secure. Eden hills primary school seems to be nearest one and Seems like it has got good reputation. My only concern is that on google maps it shows that eden hills railway station is about 1.5 KMS away. I really hope there is short cut to walk to station. Thanks again for all to do list when we arrive.. I have made a note and should crack on with it.Have a good dayTaran

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