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Who to use to transfer money??

Guest sedgecl

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Guest sedgecl

Hi All


We are off to Adelaide on 9th August...:) We completed the business and house sale last week, the container left on Tuesday this week, so we are now homeless, unemployed and sofa surfing...lol


My OH and I are wondering who the best company to use to move our money with. I have had a look on the web and Halo appears to offer the best rate. I notice on the expat forums, Moneycorp are quite popular.


I am interested to hear people’s views with regards to this as obviously like most we want the most for our money.


Also, as the exchange rate is low at the mo', what investment method is best to use, whilst waiting to transfer money over to Oz.


Sorry for all the questions.



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Hi there,


We used Moneycorp to transfer our cash and didn't have any issues. I've read elsewhere on the forum that it may be worth setting up accounts with several companies and call them when looking to transfer money to check which is giving the best rate.


Can't advise on any investment methods though.


Good luck with the move when it comes.


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In the past we used MoneyCorp & Halo and now we use OzForex as you can do it on line with a quote so very easy, however if your looking to bring a large sum over then I would really recommend having a couple of accounts set up before hand and call them. In my experience you always get a better rate from the second one you call if you quote the rate already offered to you.


Good luck



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We used Hifx. They were fast, friendly and the man who dealt with us couldnt be anymore helpful. Would definitely recommend them over and over again.




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