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parents over 75 paying for a medical to visit


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My mother told me that it is now necessary for anyone over the age of 75 wanting to visit Australia to have to undergo a medical by a panel doctor. Does anyone know what the approximate cost of this is? Or have experience with it? (my parents have quite a few years left before this would affect them but OH's father is 73 this year and it may be a real consideration for him in planning when he next visits.


Many thanks

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I think this is only if they are going for a long stay visa (over 3 months) they dont need one if it is up to three months.


As far as I could see on their website it didn't specify. They have details of the evisitor visa or the Tourist one, but it says a medical is necessary. Just wondered if anyone has had an older relative come up against this new legislation?

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Guest MrsHills

For anyone visiting applying for eVisitor (sub class 651) (which is what I think Diane is referring to), you only have to decalre that you are in good health

as per below. This is the one my family always uses and they are a variety of ages from 73 to 82! This is for holders of an EU Passport only!



This visa allows people to travel to Australia for a holiday, visit family and/or friends or for short-term business purposes.

  • You must be outside Australia to apply.
  • You must hold a passport from an eVisitor eligible country or region.
  • No stamp or visa label is required in your passport.
  • Your eVisitor is linked to the passport number you used in your application and you must use the same passport to travel to Australia.
  • It is a condition of holding an eVisitor that you are in good health and of good character

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