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Anyone flying out with Singapore Airlines From Manchester of Aug/Sept?

Guest MrsC

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Hey just wanted to say thank to everyone and the forum over the past 18 months, our waiting is nearly over.


Myself, my husband and daughter aged 20 months fly out Manchester - Singapore on August 31st then we are having a short break in Singapore then fly Singapore - Adelaide midnight on 4th Sept arrive adelaide 8am 5th Sept. - If anyone is on these flights, drop me a line!


I have met some fab people on here and its been great to share the anticipation and excitment with everyone and looking forward to meeting up.


My husband will be working so anyone who is interested in playdates with toddlers please get intouch. We will be living in North Adelaide for first 3 months then who knows after that, we have a car so can travel for playdates too.


Anyone got any tips on Singapore and hotels?


I would also like to share that if you are travelling on singapore airlines and are activating your visa just email the reservations desk at your departure airport to request to upgrade your luggage for free from 20kg per person to 40kg. all you have to do is let them know and show your visa confirmation letter etc at check in.


Thanks to everyone who has been intouch and helped us over the past 18months we are now at the moment we have been waiting for....jobless, homeless, living out of suitcases, planning leaving parties and getting ready to leave!!! - EXCITING!!! XX


Good luck to everyone, keep intouch and seeya on the other side!!


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Congratulations on your visa and flight plans.

We are scheduled to be in adelaide 2nd week of october

What visas are u on? It appears the upgrade of luggage is applicable to only those with permanent residency visas.Or am i getting it all wrong .we are on a 457 visa. i would appreciate more info on the upgrade


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Hiya, yeah we have a permanent visa, just email the reservations desk at your departing airport as they will give you the accurate information. All I did was email them and ask about luggage and they told me you get 40kg per passenger and have to show proof of your visa at check-in. Good luck x

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Congratulations with the move. We are doing the same trip and come out the same week but maybe a few days before (28th or 29th not decided yet). Don't know about you but we feel like we have been planning for ages but now its only around the corner it's like.......there is so much to do!!!! Worrying that we have forgot to do something etc. Nightmare.


Anyway good luck with the move



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