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Guest laura coldwell

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Guest laura coldwell

Hello everyone, I am hoping that someone on here could maybe offer me some advice. I am a qualified RMN with twelve months experience in forensic/acute inpatients. I am coming to Adelaide on a SS perm residency visa in the near future BUT I am reluctant book a flight until I have secured a position in Adelaide due to minnimal funds we are taking over however it is proving almost impossible to find work. I have registered with AHPRA and I am ready to go..........I am a very proactive person and before deciding to go SS to Adelaide I secured positions in Sydney and in Darwin (before the changes e were going to go skilled independent)I have been applying for various positions in Adelaide and I have applied for two positions I found on the SA health website which I never even got an interview with. Since then I have registered with Geneva Health and I have been in touch with sugarman agency, both of which I have had a worrying response from. They have advised me that RMN position in adelaide are few and far between and that adelaide is one of the worst places to look for RMN positions??I have had ONE positiveish response from a nursing agency who simply sent me and email saying to call her on our arrival in Adelaide and that she would find me work.....well seen as though there are two of us going with just 8k I am pretty sure I need a contract in place to begin pretty much straight away. I was hoping that people would be kind enough to share their experiences with me of finding work as a RMN in adelaide or better still some names of agencies/units that they have had better luck with as I am really worried :unsure:Thank you Laura xxx :biggrin:

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Hi there :)


Can't comment on the work aspect but just wanted to mention that afaik SS is only a moral obligation to staying in the state. I've read plenty of people who haven't been able to work in their chosen state so have moved states to work. Perhaps research that if SA doesn't come up trumps. And then if you really want to be in SA you could seek work from elsewhere in Aus.


FWIW, often employers won't consider you if you are not already in the country. If they have suitable qualified people already on the ground in Aus and able to start soon then there is a good chance they may pass your application over. Most people seem to make the move and then seek work once there. Although I know nursing is different and there are companies out there recruiting but with SS usually you have to make the leap first. If the employer sponsors you directly its obviously different.

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Hi Laura


I am a newly qualified mental health worker (got my qualifications here). One of my tutors was a RMN and said that it was really hard to get PERMANENT WORK but that there was agency stuff around...as long as you don't mind starting within 20 mins of the call.


There are jobs but you will be best getting a job from UK first and make sure you check SA Health constantly.


By the way my wife is a 13 yr RN and I was the person that done her resume and leg work to help her get her job, she just answered the interview Q's on her telephone interview, she is now on a FULL TIME PERMANENT CONTRACT FOR SA HEALTH.


It is not impossible just a little harder than it used to be...bit like the UK...lol.


Good luck and see you soon no doubt... ;-)

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Guest RobJ1978

If you know the names of certain wards i would ring and speak to the manager. Sell yourself on the phone and ask if they are looking for anyone. my job wasnt advertised i rang up, sold myself and they made a position available for me.

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Hi Laura! There are positions out there but there have been some cutbacks of late. NASA is one of the main agencies used here and they are very good. They will try and get you block bookings and let you know of possible vacancies too. The sickness rate here is spectacularly high, very different to the UK mindset about sickness. Even though the big wigs would like to use less agency staff, they still need to. Alot more than in the UK I believe.

Permanent contracts can sometimes be hard to come by, but I know of many, including myself, who were able to secure them within a few months.

Things are really different here, even compared to NSW, so do your research.

James Nash is one of the major Forensic units, so maybe try contacting them directly? There are also closed beds in the Margaret Tobin Centre (Flinders Medical centre), Noarlunga and QEH.

All the best, I hope things work out for you. I hear from a friend that Darwin is not the best for mental health, but not sure of the specifics about that!


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