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Arriving September 11th - Moana bound!


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Finally convinced partner Jessie (soon to be wife) to come to Oz having spent a wonderful year in 1998. Took alot of convincing - trust me! Nothing like a bad British Summer and the British Education system to make it all better though. Both teachers ( I was a deputy head of a SE London school) - unable to secure any work yet - so bit scared - but still terribly excited.


Arriving on 11th September 2012 with a 4 week rental in Moana Beach - near Seaford and Port Noarlunga in the South of Adelaide. From there who knows


Have two lovely boys Alex (4) and Noah (2) - we are both London born and bred so keen to get some beach action (used to surf a little bit - love to get back into it) and get the kids outside and physical.


Love to hear from anyone arriving at the same time or who might want to meet after we have got over the jetlag.


Rich and Jess

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Guest vikkiann

Good luck!

We have been here for 8 weeks, I think, time flies.

We'd be happy to meet up. We are in Aldinga so not far from you.




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Hi Guys


Good luck with the journey, Moana is a beautiful spot, youll just love it,


Check out the Moana or Port noarlunga Surf clubs, your kids are a bit young to join nippers but youll meet some nice people there and will be great for weekends on the beach. Seaford beach is great for surfing as is the mouth of the river at Port Noarlunga, I'm sure you will love it.


Theres also a good mum's & Bubs group at the seaford & Moana community centre


Good luck with everything



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Guest Paula H



we are coming on the 20th sept, staying initially in Aldinga and looking at there and Port Noarlunga area's. Best of luck. Exciting times ahead. What visa are you coming on?

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Guest Shanners

Hi Rich,


Not long now!!


Hope you enjoy your stay at our rental.


There's a park at the end of the street (100 metres from the house) and the beach a further 50 metres away so you'll have plenty of opportunity to get the kids outside and being active.


See you soon



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You'll only be a few days behind us and just up the road (How far I can't quite get my head round yet...) Have you got a short term rental? We went for 4 weeks so we have plenty of time to find the right long term property to rent and have a good look along the coast for the right spot. We too looked at Aldinga and Christie's but Port Noarlunga is the place that I think sounds the best on paper. I was in Oz for a year when I was younger but only spent a few days in Adelaide so its not a place I know.


I got state sponsorship as teachers so its a Skilled Migrant Visa 176. Have you guys got work yet? What was your tipping point that made you want to uproot and move?


All the best



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Thanks for the welcoming messages - We all can't wait to be out there - although we would happily skip the flight - not looking forward to that. From comments and the pics on Chris' website Moana looks perfect and I am pleased we were able to get this property. I have been showing it to anyone who will give me 5 minutes - it certainly stops all the questions as to why we are doing this and will beat Deptford!

Would love to meet up when we are upo and running.


Rich, Jess and the boys

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