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Working Holiday Visa Question!

Guest *Alice*

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Guest *Alice*

Okay, Sorry for posting this here, couldn't find the relevant place to put it...

and also sorry if theres already a post on here about this,


just wondered if anyone can help me/is in a similar situation?


I am here on a working holiday visa, my partner and i have applied for PR but thats a bit of a waiting game


So i'm coming to the end of my 6 months work with my employer and if PR hasnt been granted within the next 4 weeks, i'll have to leave the job


Was wondering if anyone knows, if i leave the job for say a month, could i go back to work for the same employer?


Easier to get answers on here than having to go to immigration but it might have to be done....


Any help is greatly appreciated :) thank you!


(ps hope my ramble makes sence)

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Guest *Alice*

another friend of mine is in a similar situation but just switched to a different visa and immigration told her that on a bridging visa, work rights stay the same so the 6 month thing remains. thanks though :)

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Guest lebour

Unless it is your employer who is sponsoring you - you wont be able to get an extention to the 6 months work restriction. The only situation you can work for the same employer again on a WHV is, if you had a 2nd WHV, which allows you to work for 6 months for the same employer on the 2nd WHV as you did for the 1st WHV.


What visa subclass have you applied for?? ENS, RSMS or GSM??

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Guest BrianS

Iirc bridging visas don't come into effect untill your whv has expired,

If you are applying for pr and the application has been lodged I think you can ask Diac to waive the 6 month rule.


Also depending on the job you can get a short extension to the 6 month rule sometimes

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