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Breaking lease info please

Guest Hedwig

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Guest Hedwig

Hi everyone


We are looking at breaking our lease very soon and wondered whether anyone had any info about what costs are roughly involved ( approx amounts $ if poss). I know vaguely that we would have to continue to pay rent until another tenant is found and have to pay advertising fees etc.


Also if the landlord has not completed any repairs that they have been notified about, where do we stand? Our rental house is all ground floor level, is the landlord responsible by law to place window locks on ALL windows? Some have but quite a few dont.


Many thanks for any replies:jiggy:

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Guest Team 'W'

It depends if the rental company manage to get new tenants before your leave day arrives ,if not you will be paying rent on the one you had AND the one you go for, we had two lots of rent to pay , the rental company wasn,t too bothered because we still had six wks left ,so they was quite happy to sit on their arses and do nuthin till nearly the due date to leave THEN they had to start advertising and so on and so forth ,but ye they took us right till the end ..cost us an arm and a leg unfortunately !!


As long as you take pictures and note everything down that is wrong with the property when you move in and put it all down on paper if and when you come to leave its all there in black and white ,so you have covered yourself, they tried to get us with everything when we left i had loads of arguments with them ,but they got me on nothing cos i was prepared ..from every little screw hole to every mark on the walls ,this is how petty they can be ,not all of them mind !!


As for the locks cant help you on that one im affraid ,sorry ..Elaine

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