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Guest Weez

how easy will it be for me to get work ??

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    Guest Weez

    Hi guy's long time no see !!! you know i would be back when i wanted something !!, i have posted this on the custard court and thought i would give it a go on here as well just to get as many different views as possicon_e_biggrin.gif

    i have just read a childminding thread and received a pm that made my heart sink a bit, i thought i would just be able to come over and within a couple of months start back childminding and earning but it looks like i will have to take a course that will take a year to do!! icon_e_surprised.gif

    unfortunately that is not an option i want to pull in the bacon as soon as i can , i don't wont my OH to work himself into the ground like he does here and i am also used to having my own moola, so where does that leave me ?????

    i have over 17 years experience in childcare , from being a nanny to being a 1to1 play therapist with autistic and special needs children and also childminding for 10 years along side , buuuuut i am not qualified aaaaand don't drive banghead.gif

    i would love to work with children again as i know i am good at it and absolutely love it icon_thumright.gif but it is looking like i wont be able to do it , so how easy will it be for me to get a job that fits around my kids , i am prepared to do ANYTHING ( well except standing on a street corner !! )

    how hard is this going to be for me ???

    look forward to hearing any experiences you guys have had


    thanks folks

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    Guest Libby1971



    Some of your post I can't comment on as I simply don't know the answer.


    There are a couple of courses that anyone working with children have to do:

    Mandatory Child Protection (approx $80 for a day course)

    First Aid Cert ($100 for day course).


    Both courses must be done in SA as outside of SA they are not valid. It doesn't matter if you want to teach kids, serve them food, help them to read or go on a school trip, you still need these. In most cases you also need clearance from DECS.


    I would contact DECS - Department of Education and Children Services, asking what their requirements are. If you want to work with kids, they are the bods you need to convince to licence you.


    You may be able to build upon your skills with special needs and get a job in a school supporting children with special needs bubt you would have to contact the schools directly to see if they have need of your services.


    I haven't heard of many childminders here, all I have heard of childcare centres. However they are fussy on their qualifications and you must have quals for 0-5 in order for them to consider you as qualified.



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