Start time opening ceremony

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    Thanks for that ,we wanted to see it early ,saw just a bit well recommend SCOUTS RALLY near Mt Plesent,had a long ,cold but enjoyable day there,shame people numbers were down

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    Guest andylynnchriskirst

    Didn't realise could have had a lay in, as 9 were showing it all again at 2pm! Well worth getting up for though!

    Really proud of my country for putting on a fantastic show! Only been here 3 weeks and forgot how small the country lanes were in the cycling though haha :).


    Good luck Great Britain and good luck Australia! xx

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    That's 2 nights I haven't got to bed before 2.00am! - can't keep this up. Shame they removed some of the the YouTube videos (copyright!) especially Mr Bean and the Queen/James Bond.


    We could walk to Boxhill/Headley from our old house and new all the roads so well having worked in Kingston, Richmond, Walton, Weybridge, Esher ............ Felt quite nostalgic. The graffiti's new!



    My son was at the boxing last night and the tennis today. He also has tickets for the football quarter-finals at Wembly.

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