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    While planning your big move, a few things to think about before you leave.

    The main visa holder will probably have to match they're skills through a TRA or similar process, while the partners some unsure if and where they'll work in Oz sometimes don't plan their own paperwork for job searches.


    It would be much better to obtain references from employers while in the Uk, rather than trying to get them once your here.

    It might be a good idea actually to put a folder together with references/job & person descriptions and keeping p60's, offer letters etc.

    All these will be good to show potential employers and for any college/Uni courses.


    I've recently enroled on a course and was told I could use RPL (prior learning) to tick off some of the units of the course and to prove I'm competent I need to provide proof of working in certain enviroments.


    I'm lucky as my husband is a hoarder and brought all our paperwork including any certificates achieved, which means I don't have to attend all classes. Hope this is useful for some of you, on the plus side if you have your references up front saves companies chasing previous employers for them.

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