Most useful qualifications?

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    We are at the early stages of visa application, paperwork with VETASSESS with application made under project builder. I have BSc(Hons) Building Surveying, formal membership of Association of Project Safety and chartered through Institute of Building.


    My question is that although the above should help in gaining employment, I want to continue training and I'm not sure whether project management (which I currently do) or engineering qualifications would get me further (again there is an engineering aspect to my current job).


    Just to add, I have been working as a contracts/project manager for the last 15 years too.


    Thanks. S

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    Guest Jo&Phil

    I understand that building is a bit sluggish at the moment though there are quite a few cranes in evidence in Adelaide with work on major projects happening.


    Engineering may add to your current project management skills. Have a look on to get an idea what employers are asking for ... it may help you with your choices.

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