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SkillSelect Expression of Interest (EOI) System

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    Guest jplaysguitar

    Ok, so I've scoured the forums and can't find anyone else who's frustrated with this but I would bet my left whatsit, if I had one, that I'm not the only person going :arghh:!!!!!


    My OH and I have applied for the new 190 and 489 visas for regional sponsorship (RSMS). The first correspondence we've received from SkillSelect, on 31st July states:


    "On August 1st, the first invitation round for Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) and the family sponsored Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489) visas will be held.As SkillSelect is a new and complex system, our first run of invitations will be reduced in size, to allow us to ensure that all elements of the system are working smoothly.

    As such, we will issue the following number of invitations:

    • 90 in the Skilled Independent subclass 189; and

    • 10 in the Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (family sponsored) subclass 489."


    Now, SkillSelect have kindly outlined priorities for EOI processing and issuing invitatgions to apply, as per the table below (

    Priority list.jpg


    Now, I'm pretty sure that OUR Visa subclass is priority 1 so why the hell is the first round of invitations for priority 4 subclasses????


    I am so angry it is untrue; mainly because we only just missed the window to submit our application before the June closure of Immigration SA, while we waited for a skills assessment to be processed. It was a matter of days, we were otherwise ready to go and now not only do we have to contend with a new system where we have to wait for an invitation which, if we ever get one, will give us just 60 days to update our research and documents, but, to cap it all, they're not even sticking to the rules they've defined for themselves.




    Anyone else having trouble?

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    Today I have been advised the following


    1, 90 189's in August only, likely to be to test the system (fortunately thats what im after so fingers crossed)

    2, There is highly likely to be further invitations in August as 90 is nothing like enough per month.



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    Guest lebour

    Your application is not Priority 1 - that is for RSMS - which is employered sponsored regional visa - 187 visa.


    Once invited you will actually be Priority 3 - which is not ranked from invitations.


    If you are applying for 190 or 489SN which are both GSM visas - once your State Nomination is approved you will automatically be invited to apply once SA have been allocated enough places from DIAC.

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