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Guest Richlacey

Should I share a container for my expensive tools, and will I have to pay tax?

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    Guest Richlacey

    We are here on a 457 and have lodged an 857 so we plan to stay.A trusted and regular customer at work has a container coming over from England, leaving in 2 weeks.

    He says -

    "take your tools down to the shippers. I will tell them your coming. They will put them in the container along with my car and I will take care of the rest."



    He brings several cars and other items in a year and has been using this shipping company for 30 years with no problems.

    He says he will just say the tools are personal and there will be minimum cost to me.

    He is a trustworthy guy and what he says is not under any question.



    However, my tools are worth a lot of money. So I am wanting to know what happens if they are damaged, stolen, or the ship sinks. If I declare them on the manifest as being worth what they are, will I be taxed on that amount?

    Who do I contact to arrange insurance? He says they can go on his but when I told him the value, well they are worth what the car is basically.



    So if it is indeed as simple as "drop the toolbox off at the shippers and I"ll take care of the rest"

    Then that's fine.

    But they're worth a lot of money and I am worried if something goes wrong.

    What should I do?



    The customs website is not clear, and I tried to call them but spent 20 mins on hold so that's a none starter.

    I wonder if there is a system for immigrants bringing stuff in etc? I don't know how much it costs for containers and insurance and I don't want to miss a great opportunity to get my tools here by Xmas!



    Any advise would be great, obviously time is of the essence.


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