Ielts test

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    :arghh:Frustrated,embarrassed,absolutely soul destroyed, just a few emotions i am feeling at the moment, passed listening, writing, and speaking and failed by 0.5 on the reading, i know why, i just ran out of time, however on a good note i looked back on PIA and do feel a little better, im just upset that i have to pay another 125 pounds for 0.5 i think if your overall average score is above 7 then it should be ok, as my friend Emma pointed out there is lots of nurses in oz that cant speak clear English, anyway rules are rules. After more research on here I also found out that ANMC will accept two sets of results so even if i was to fail miserably on the subjects i have already passed they would accept the results from the previous exam. Could sompuebody please confirm this is still correct as the post was a while ago. I can hopefully then concentrate on the art of skim reading, (since when as a nurse would you dare skim read for the answer).

    Once again i am feeling so much better now at my failure and not so worried about my next test in september,


    (this was funny) At my last test

    the people who had had a mobile phone was collecting it from the course leader so i stuck behind these people, when i eventually arrived at the exit lots of people were just stood i soon realised that they couldnt open the door they pulling and pushing at it , I shouted to them what to do but they just looked at me , i very calmly pushed my way to the front and pressed the push to release button at the side of the door and pushed open the door followed by lots of people who too were hoping to pass an English test, (i bet they did better than me, bless them).


    will let you know how i get on



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    Guest ali

    No worries!:smile: You will get it right next time and soon be on your way.:smile:

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    Guest Bonita

    Hi Lisa, I know so many friends who wnt back to UK due to not settling, then regretted decision only to come back and love life in Oz. I have a feeling you be another one to come back and love it here so much more.Bonita

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