Tamara (Homes Down Under)

It was Me! I "dobbed them in"!!

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    The neighbours accross the road recently moved.


    They did the usual thing...piled all their garbage outside at the front of the house...moved out.... and there it stayed for a week or so.


    (What is it with people in Adelaide dumping rubbish outside their properties and leaving it for weeks...even months)? There are streets that look like the third world with old mattress', lounge suites, cupboards etc


    Anyway, I phoned the Onkaparinga council to see if I could use one of my 2 yearly collections (each house gets 2 per year) and get rid of the eyesore. They were willing to do it if I moved all the rubbish to the front of my house! Having already given them my name and address they followed through...reported it as a complaint and the rangers followed up with the departed tennants....result...goodbye garbage!

    So, I "dobbed in" my former neighbours.


    I figured that this experience could be useful for other people living here and would like to share the following info.

    Each council will have different rules but a household is allowed two removals of additional waste every year. There are some exclusions as to size and type of material so best to check with them.


    All you have to do is call your local council and book the collection day

    The items should not be put out until the night before (so why do we see lounge suites, and tables and other garbage sitting on the kerb for months?)


    If you have larger items like a mattress...they will collect that as well (separate collection).


    All you have to do is call them....and it's free!


    The contact details for Onkaparinga are:


    For further information and to book, please contact the council by email at mail@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au or by phone on (08) 8384 0666.



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    Hi Tamara


    Good for you!

    I have just done the same thing with our neighbours that moved a few weeks ago. I waited three weeks to see if council would remove it and nothing. So got really fed up as pile was getting bigger and was disgusting with old mattresses, settees etc. The local kids were bouncing off them (not my kids may I hasten to add).

    Spoke to council and was willing to use one of my collections but they did not ask me and just logged the complaint.

    The rubbish was moved within three days hurrah.

    Unfortunately the new tenants that have moved in have done the same thing - looks like another complaint brewing.



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    Well done you, littering is one of my biggest bugbears..... I regularly use piggott range road and am disgusted by the amount of garbage people dump up there.....sometimes it looks like the contents of a whole house:sad:

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