Reccie in December

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    Hi All,


    My husband and I have booked a reccie to Adelaide in December, we are bringing our four children ranging in ages from 9 (she will turn 10 in Adelaide) and the baby is 18 months will be 22 mths when we go 23 mths on our return. We are flying with Emirates to Adelaide direct via Dubai.

    I need to sort a holiday visa and travel insurance.

    Here are a few questions I would like to ask

    1. We have not applied for a permanent visa yet, how long do these take? Should we apply for this now before we go? (if we go I would love to get there for Jan 2014 so that the children start in school on the start of the new year.

    2. Should my husband look for interviews while he is there.

    3 We are visiting from 12th December till 12th Jan - will a lot of things close over xmas or for long - I know that it will be school summer holidays.

    4. We are staying with family in Marion area - is there anything else we should be doing?

    5. My 7 year old does not want to go even for a holiday as snakes and spiders terrify him - will we encounter many of them?


    Thanks so much for your help

    Sally x

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    From my limited experience I would suggest the following.


    1 a visa application can be a few years, cost circa £3000 all in and is only available should your profession be in demand. Maybe contact an agent before leaving to have a free 1/2 hour sit down.


    2 interviews maybe difficult without visa granted unless your looking for sponsor.


    3 I will leave that for somebody else


    4 as above as we stayed in central Adelaide which I can recommend


    5 you will be very lucky to see snakes etc, in our 2 and a bit weeks we saw one brown snake whilst in flinders.....nothing else.



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    Hi Sally


    I would say


    1. Depends on the visa you are applying for. Some take forever, others just a few weeks. I have a spouse visa which took about 5 months to be granted but another 5 or 6 months for us to put the application together. If you know what visa you are applying for pele on here moght be able to help more on this.


    2. No. At least not officially unless you already have a visa by then. If immigration suspect you are coming for any purpose other than a holiday on a visiters visa then they may refuse you entry. If you are looking for sponsership though then it might be worth making comtact with potential employers while here.


    3. We've been on holiday over xmas a few times and I can't say I noticed much difference to the UK.


    4. Visit as many places as possible and have a good time. It's worth having a drive round a few suburbs to get a feel for where you might like to live, although the fact you have family in Marion might have an influence on where you decide to live.


    5. We've been here on holiday 7 times and have lived here for a month and I have never seen a snake and hardly any spiders (and certainly not any harmful ones) that were not behind glass. Even when we've been for walks in conservation parks and things. The flys on the other hand can be a bit of a nuisance....


    Come out, check out the area and have a great time.



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