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    Guest banjo70

    Hi we use Telstra for phone line can't remember what it cost to set up thou.

    Use Dodo for ISP no set-up charges as we were on a 24 month package. $49.95 per month for 5GB peak and 5GB off peak ADSL2+ service. I've had no problems with the service todate.

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    I'm with Virgin wireless. $60 a month for unlimited free local and national calls, plus broadband (4Gb download limit - though I think it's a 2Gb limit for new sign-ups - and then shaped to 128kbps). Set-up cost is $0.


    I went with Virgin as I can't get a port to get ADSL here in Mawson Lakes, but I'm very happy with them :-)



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    Guest zx6roo

    I'm with supernerd as they are the only ISP to do 512/512 (gamers need that). I would also recommend Adam Internet.

    I refuse to use Dodo, iinet, Chariot, Bigpond, ihug (actually run by iinet) and AOL. If there is no broadband in the area go to Bigpond. The legislation is that they have to provide it if you ask. Sign up for a minimum time then move on quickly.


    Phone I'm with telstra *shiver* but only because I need the NextG network and they are not selling the rights to anyone else. It costs $55 for a new connection, $299 if a new property. The average length of time ona simple phone call to them is 45 mintues and you'll get no where. If I didn't need them I would definitely change! Optus are almost as bad but bareable. Watch both for over charging. Virgin I like but don't have the coverage I need for my mobile.


    LOL, Telstra has an automated lady when you first call and you have to say what ou want.. she generally says 'I don't understand' and puts you thru to billing. Unless you want bill thn you get mobiles or somewhere else. My daughter wets herself when I call because I talk tot he lady and go 'grrrr', 'grrrr', 'grrrrrrrr','no', 'no', 'yay','Oh for #^&%@# sake she hung on me again'. hehehehe.

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