Bodycraft ECT 2500 Elliptical Cross Trainer

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    Excellent machine (have started working out more outside of the home so no longer needed), not heavily used.


    The ECT-2500 is built with heavy-duty construction, top-of-the-line bearings, and other parts uncommon to this price range.


    The ECT-2500 console has a six-window readout in addition to an LED dot-matrix display, which provides the user with scrolling instructions and a display of the profile of the program in use. This unit uses Eddy Current electronic resistance and features adjustable stride length and adjustable footpad placement.


    Another distinguishing characteristic is that the BodyCraft ECT-2500 has the highest resistance levels of any elliptical in this price range--up to 400 watts, while most machine cap resistance at 300 to 350 watts. And this just means more workout for your money.


    ■Dual Action - upper body handles provide a complete body workout

    ■Reverse Direction - cross train leg muscles

    ■Heart Rate Control - heart rate sensors in the hand grips

    ■LED color dot matrix display - with 6 display windows. Scrolling instructions display

    ■Exercise modes - 8 preset programs and 1 heart rate controlled program

    ■Stride length - adjustable from 14" to 16"

    ■Sports drink holder - comes with a water bottle

    ■Front wheels - eases relocation and moving for cleaning underneath





    Images here:

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    Still slacking and not using this so if anyone's keen for a great higher quality cross trainer let me know

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