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OMG just moved flights from April to this DECEMBER 3rd!!!!

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    YAA-A-A-AY!!! I've got butterflies for you all! Keep an open-mind and you'll be absolutely fine in your new life Down Under!


    There's a great Hallowe'en Party being organised at Brighton Rugby Club and if you're interested in going, you'll find details under 'Socialising' (look for pete66's thread @Hallowe'en Partaaaay'). It sound like fun and tickets are going well. No kids allowed, but if you've got people in Adelaide who could babysit, why not get your social-ball rolling and go?


    Good luck, conor222!!

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    OOps! Have just realised you're not arriving 'til December, so ignore my previous post, conor222! I was getting all excited for you and trying to get you started on the right foot ...


    Silly me! I'm sorry.


    Good luck in Adelaide!

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