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Guest USA soon just SA

A quick tip for your list of stuff to do before leaving

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    Guest USA soon just SA

    We are closing in on our departure date of Oct. 20, and are trying to work through our list of stuff to do. We are running into the usual "do 3, but realize you must add 1 more" problems, but are running into other frustrations. We have a simple list with every item having a check box next to it. BUT we have found out that many things take a first call to set things up, then a later time to pull the trigger and finalize it. If I were making the list again, I would make 3 boxes after each item, a first one for who I contacted at what number and on what date, the second to indicate that the first setup call has been done and the last to indicate that it has been finalized. The benfit of this is that you would actually have some sense of progress with your list when you are not actually finalizing anything, and occasionally the best situation where you can check off both boxes when you finalize something on the first attempt. This seems a little particular, but at this point, we have found any little victories are very valuable to combat the frustration and stress of the impending move. Putting checks in boxes makes us happy.


    Hope this helps.


    Best of luck to all others in this process, from the Lotzow's

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