Any IT Project managers/service delivery managers out there?

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    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help or advise. Me, (Nurse) and husband are planning to move to Adelaide in 2012 and my husband is looking for work as a IT project manager or Service delivery manager (IT). However we can not find his job titles on any OZ recruitment sites. . My husband currently manages IT projects going in to large priamary/secondary schools in the UK, he is also an experienced IT project manager. does anyone know what the job title for this type of job is in OZ? Also where is good t network and job search? Opinions/advice, gratefully received. :wink:

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    Try looking under business analyst.


    Or try in the following:-


    In the Classification - Information & Communication Technology


    In Sub Class - Programme and Project Management


    In Location - Adelaide


    Hope this helps and if it does he remembers me when he needs a Business Analyst

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    My OH has a regular email from seek for IT jobs (he's a team manager rather than PM), and there are regularly project managers on there. Has he been searching for IT project manager or just project manager? I'd suggest he starts by looking at all jobs under IT for the salary range he would consider then setting up a daily email notification of all new jobs in that category. It only takes a minute to go through the daily seek email to see if there is anything appropriate.


    The other thing to do is go direct to the websites of potential employers to see if they are looking for anyone. The three Unis are good places to start, along with the government site.


    Good luck.

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