Do I need 475 visa stamping on passport

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    Do I need to have 475 visa stamped on passport for flight to Adelaide? I have printout of visa approval e- mail.

    Do the estate agents need the visa stamped on passport prior to lease signing and 100 points ID?

    What was your experience?

    Do I need to carry cash deposit around during house viewings,I understand good houses go quickly after viewing,what is your advice?

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    You've asked a number of questions in this one and its posted in Transport and Shipping so not sure if many people will see it to reply. I'm going to move it to Migration for you.


    If I've understood you correctly, your visa is electronic and attached to your passport that way, so when they scan it at check in they will see what visa you are on etc. If you want an actual visa label in your passport you need to arrange this yourself and be prepared to mail it off to the Aus consulate in London to get it sorted. But its not an actual requirement to do so as its electronic these days.


    Your passport will be stamped at immigration once you land in Aus.


    Can't help with the rental questions, perhaps post your rental specific questions in this section


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    Guest ali

    I can tell you this: I had to go to the Australian Embassy to get the 475 visa stamped on my passport. I suggest that you contact the embassy and ask if you have to stamp it there and then.:smile:





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