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    Hi i know ive seen many posts on this subject but were looking for a short term rental for just two people. We dont really want a three bedroom house etc but would like to be based down in the southern suburbs as this is where we are going to be working and hopefully buying. Possibly near hallett cove, woodcroft, port noarlunga, reynella etc. We dont want to spend a fortune as its cost us an arm and a leg any suggestions would be gratefully recieved...


    Many Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Are you looking for a furnished rental or an unfurnished rental?

    If it's a furnished rental you may find that a small unit in one of the holiday parks might suit you? There is a park in Woodcroft that has chalets. There is also a small site in Cristies Beach that has a few units. They seem to get quite full during the peak holiday period so it's best to book early if you are arriving during that period.

    If it's a long term unfurnished then might be useful. Just set the search criteria for 2 bedrooms....but there are'nt that many small units around.



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