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    Hi everyone.


    We are shortly visiting Adelaide to validate our visas. I have a couple of questions and would be grateful for any advice please.


    1. Travelling with a 10 month old, he is still on formular milk (brand SMA). Can anyone advise me, can we buy SMA cartons from the supermarkets in Australia - specifically Melbourne and Adelaide.


    2. We would be interested on what others have done on validation trips, are estate agents for example helpful in showing 'validators' around properties/ employment agencies open to talk to people on validation trips?


    3. What's the advice with regards Child (baby) car seats? We are looking to hire a car for a few days during our stay but not for the full duration. Also, ay advice on transport from the airport to CBD would be appreciated.


    Im sure I will have many other questions - any advice would be appreciated.


    Many thanks


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    Can't advise on the baby milk as my kids are now much older and it's not something I pay attention to. I wouldn't bother too much about looking round property as it's not like you are in a position to actually rent or buy anywhere yet. Having said that properties that are to rent or for sale often have opens, where anyone can go and view. Be warned though that the estate agents will probably ask you for your name and contact number and possibly more info. We're actually bulding our own place but we've looked at a few places for sale to get an idea of layout and scale and we a just a bit vague with the agents. Check out for properties and the details of any opens will be on there.


    Any reason for not hiring a car for the full amount of time you are here? It makes getting around a lot easier if you have a car. As for the car seat I would suggest hiring one with the car. That way they will be fitted for you ready for arrival. We always used to hire a car from the airport, complete with child seats.

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    Hi there,



    You shouldn't have any problems with the milk formula although there may be slight differences between composition of the same UK / Australian brands. You can get formula from all the supermarkets.


    It's a good opportunity to register with employment agencies and choosing the right one that represents your area of skill will be the main factor.


    Agents would show you around properties for sale but they would prefer that you attended the open sessions.

    Houses for rent and for sale are advertised as being "open" for a short period (20 to 30 minutes) on a set date at a set time. Everyone then views the property during this open period.


    The car hire company also hire compliant car seats and it's best to book one when you book your hire car.

    There are shuttles from the airport into the city and they run every 20 to 30 minutes or so.

    There are also taxis right outside the terminal building and many car hire companies are located at the airport.


    Enjoy your trip!



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    I don't recall SMA being sold in Aus. Perhaps under another brand name. If you are worried about your baby not drinking other brands I'd look to bringing a few tubs of powder with you for the duration. At 10 months weaning should be well under way and your baby not drinking masses of milk (ie all its feeds being milk only) so depending on how long you are going for, a couple of tubs would probably be enough. I didn't use formula but recall my son being on 2-3 milk feeds a day at 10 months and eating 3 meals plus snacks by then so hope my guess-timation is ok.


    You can hire car seats with a car. Car seats in Aus tend to now be based on height not weight so much so depending on the size of your LO, you should find a convertible car seat gives you options (ie a group 1 type seat in the UK that can rear and forward face).


    I doubt viewing property is going to be of use. If you are not there to live I'd simply try to get a good feel of areas you like and narrow that down rather than spend time viewing properties you have no intention of actually trying to secure or move in to. Visit some suburbs on your short list, check out the local facilities in them, shops, kids stuff, parks, access to CBD or your possible work areas, public transport etc.


    And what has already been said, a car will be very much needed to get around and do all those things. The distance between areas or getting to and from can be far longer than in the UK and a car would make your life much easier and more enjoyable than having to rely on public transport in a new city and with a young child. Also to get out of the city and suburbs and take the odd road trip to Victor Harbor or the Barossa Valley or a wildlife park in the hills. The only time I've managed without a car when in Adelaide has been when hubby had a place in the CBD and it was only 2 minutes to the tram and bus line and we had the Central Market round the corner and a 5 minute walk into the shops. When we've been out in Glenelg and visiting family and friends in other suburbs we've very much needed a car. We only took the tram into the CBD, the rest was car (or walking to jetty road in Glenelg as it wasn't far from where we were).



    I found this on a useful website


    [h=3]Are baby formula brands sold in Australia the same as the UK?[/h]The quick answer is NO. In the UK, the brand of baby formula recommended by my health visitor when I stopped breastfeeding was Aptamil. Other brands you’ll find on supermarket shelves areCow & Gate, SMA and Hipp (Organic). These brands aren’t available in Australian supermarkets, but there is some good news.

    • Aptamil equals Karicare – I have it on good authority (from an Aptamil customer care advisor whose parents live in Perth) that in Australia Karicare is the closest thing to Aptamil. Both brands are owned by the same parent company (Nutricia) so it stands to reason that they’d be the same. UPDATE MAY 2011: Breaking News! Karicare Gold + renamed Karicare Aptamil Gold +.
    • Wyeth produces a version of SMA in Australia, but their customer care advisor confirmed that SMA First Infant Milk sold in the UK is most similar to S26 GOLD in Australia.

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