Guest Libby1971

Where's the rain?

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    Guest Libby1971

    OK I am going to make Guzzler's day with this one- he thinks I am a whinging pom and why disappoint him, it'll make his day thinking of ways to wind me up but where the h*ll has the rain gone?


    I realise this is grossly insensitive for those poor possums (getting the lingo, do you like it?) back in the UK drowning in cold and ice but there hasn't been a decent torrent since December.


    It is like walking on crisp packets and the last time I tried the beach I burnt the soles of my feet walking on the sand!


    I thought that as the last couple of weeks had been a bit nippier that this was the start of some serious cool and possibly some rain. Instead the weather man is saying that the temps are soaring back again to mid/ high thirties.


    I want my nice green garden back again, never again will I complain about rain (till winter again of course :P).



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    Guest zx6roo

    Hi Libby,

    I suggest you plant natives and forget having a garden like you had in the UK. Go for the really good fake grass round the back. My mate recently put it down and you'd hardle know the differnce (except you never have to mow it or pull weeds! :) ).


    I like a lot of the natives and if you go with something like kagaroo paw you never haveto water because if you do it'll die.


    We had weather like this back in 99, in the May the rains came and Adelaid city flooded. I remember getting out the car into almost shin deep water because the drains couldn't cope with the amount that came.

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