Dog Walking/Dog Care around Blackwood

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    We are now in week 5 of our new life here in SA and we have just secured a long term rental at Craigburn farm. We pick our 2 small cocker spaniels up in 3 weeks from Melbourne so we are busy getting their new home ready. One outstanding item is to find a dog walking service. I work 9-5 Mon-Fri in the city so it would be difficult for me to get back during the day but Kathleen is a nurse at the RAH so that means unless she is on an early shift we should be fine. For those occasions when she is on an early shift we would need to find someone to let them out or at even better take them for a walk at lunchtime. Would love to know if anyone has any recommendations for such services in the Blackwood area.





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    Such a shame you're not in somerton park. I love dogs and would've willingly walked them for you!!! Hope they've had an ok journey over.

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