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    Hello all


    We are now in the 6 months leading up to our move, flights and short term accommodation are booked and it is starting to feel real. I am finding it in equal parts exhilerating and terrifying but thanks to being a long term lurker on these forums I know this is normal and to be expected.


    Anyway, a couple of questions about jobs in Adelaide and on long term rentals. I have heard mixed opinions on applying for jobs in Aus from the UK - I work in HE and have applied for around 12-15 posts at a similar level to what I do in the UK over the last few months, mainly to throw my hat in the ring and test the water and with the hope that a solid job offer would enable us to move over even faster. However, despite the fact a lot of these jobs were less technically skilled than what I currently do I have not even had a snifter of a positive response, just a continuous stream of 'you were not successful' emails from the various HEIs.


    So, I know this could be that I have just not made it through shortlisting (although I do find this surprising for such a high volume of applications) but I wonder whether being still in the UK has a bearing on the decision? What are people's experiences with this? Every so often I see a post on here where someone got the job from the UK and that is making me a bit nervous as to why I am not getting anywhere with my applications. I am assuming that it is the minority of people who actually secure work before arriving?


    Anyway - leading on from this, it seems unclear as to whether you can secure a long term rental without securing a job first - can anyone shed any light on this? I would have thought it was compulsory to have an offer of work but some posts seem to suggest that it has not been part of the process as long as you have landlord references and the compulsory 100 points. I have booked short term accommodation for 8 weeks on the basis that I thought you would have to have a job to get anywhere with a rental but I am now wondering if this is in fact true?


    Any help/comments greatly appreciated.



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    Guest bubbe2005

    yeh, I guess one has to be very lucky to be able to secure a position without yet been interviewed face to face. What address are you using on your cover letter and resume? your UK one? I think agencies and employers will immediately assume you are looking for sponsorship unless of course you are stating on your applications that you have PR (that gives you the right to live and work in Oz etc....).


    Rentals, you can secure by showing you have lots of money in your bank :)


    I found some awesome cheap weekly rates for apartments in Adelaide with own kitchen and laundry. We won't be looking at rentals until I have secured a permanent positon.

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    It is possible to get work before arriving in Adelaide but not that easy. If you are still six months off getting here that would explain a lot as employers are going to be looking for someone to start now rather than in six months. Wait until you have a date to leave and then make sure you state when you will be available from in your application. If you are flexible and could make the move sooner then make sure you also put that in your application. Have you phoned the places you got rejections from to find out why they rejected you? I've just started applying for jobs here so have only had one rejection so far but I rang to get feedback and the HR lady was very helpful.

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    On all the applications I have submitted I have always stated that we could move whenever (this was before the flights were actually booked so we could be flexible) I have always put in covering letters explaining that we have PR visa (attaching a copy) and that we were ready to move, so I would hope it is not the length of time to move that would put off potential employers.


    As regards the rentals then - we will effectively need jobs as we will not have a whole load of cash in the bank with which to charm estate agents! Relieved now that we have booked short term for 8 weeks - hopefully we can both find jobs within that time. I guess I will ramp up the job search in the month ahead of arriving and see where we go from there.

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    Generally it seems to be you need to be on the ground in Aus for applying for jobs. Some people get them before they land but it can be hard work, people often report that they are having trouble securing work before actually moving. Often many employers are wanting people to start soonish and waiting 6 months for someone to move over from the UK, they are not likely to keep a job open that long. Some companies seem to seek employees from overseas and recruit but if you are looking at the Aus job market being advertised within Aus/SA then you may well have to be there to get any real interest. If prospective employers can choose between similar candidates who are there, can be interviewed and start soon or someone still in the UK and not available for a fair few months, I can imagine which prospective people they chase up.


    The thing is, its a leap into the unknown coming over without work. But its what most people have to do. You hopefully budget for a while without employment once you arrive and so on and can find something within a month or two.

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    Guest Chris_J

    I'm finding this with job applications. Had one interview but the job went so kept in touch with that employer incase they have something come up later. Remember the Godfather quote "it's nothing personal, it's just business". I'm in WA at the moment but still not a lot happening, so crossing my fingers for things to kick off later in the week when we arrive in SA. I read mainly positive things on here, but the agency I spoke to the other day said they haven't seen it this slow for a long time.......

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