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Guest Barham

Question about EOI

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    Guest Barham

    I am a little confused by my recent skill select EOI application. I submitted my EOI a couple of months ago and after doing so I realised my points were probably below the 60 level due to a single poor mark in my IELTS (I have since rebooked my IELTS exam). The idea was to hopefully improve my exam score and then update my EOI.


    Since submitting my application I received an email saying my submission had been suspended due to missing information. When I went in to see what was missing, I could not see any evidence of anything missing. So I left it for a bit and when I went back in recently I was greeted with following message:


    Skilled - Regional (Subclass 489) (Provisional) - State and Territory Nominated



    The EOI for this subclass is able to be completed. The client's claims equal 60 points

    Has anybody had any similar experiences with their EOI or does anyone know if this message means it is now being processed and they have me down as having 60 points?

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