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Guest Barney Rubble

4th year / Qualified Carpenter Work required (2nd fix)

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    Guest Barney Rubble

    Hi All,


    back in May i posted how youngest had a motorcycle accident and broke his wrist & femur, helicopter recovery to RAH ect.

    Well, in short, he has made a full recovery :jiggy:but, due to his accident his boss suspended him (understandable) but he then decided to close his business and retire.


    College has signed my son off as he has passed all the required modules by the end of his 3rd year and been assessed as requiring no further training :skeptical: and due to the previous employer retiring he/they have no obligations (nor do the apprenticeship training companies) to assist him with completing his 4th year or even finding him a job.


    If anyone can help please PM me, although i am biased :nah: both my boys, sorry, young men, have excellent work ethics and are both up and out of the house before i get out of bed :notworthy:


    He was doing second fix for a company working for Fairmont homes but as is apparent the industry has slowed right down.

    Once he has finished our patio screening i'll post some pictures:smile:

    Drop me a pm if you know of anyone that may want to hire a 4th year or newly qualified carpenter and i'll pass on your details.


    In anticipation, many thanks



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