**18 " ** Fit PRK BMX Customed Built **FOR SALE**

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    my bmx is an original fit prk 18" , how ever i have customed it to my very best, altogether i have spent over $700 i have checked every bit of the bike everything which is wrong has been replaced. only thing that has not been fixed are the forks which are slightly bent but wont cause any problems in the style of riding

    i'm selling this because its to small for me and i need the money for other things.


    the parts are:

    fit prk frame

    fit handle bars

    proper grips

    odyssey break leaver

    odyssey brake cable

    xposure back break pads *brand new*

    fitbikeco back tire (both tires brand new)

    dmr sprocket

    fit cranks

    odyssey pedals

    kmc chain

    odyssey pivitol seat

    eclat pivitol seat post

    proper stem

    wheels are normal stock fit wheels and has been recently fixed and straightend out


    this was my pride and joy so who ever this goes too i hope they treat it well


    $250 or nearest offer


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