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Private School Scholarships for 2014

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    I put this up around this time every year, but if people have recently come over they may not be aware of this particular scheme. I see they now also include primary schools, but the following info is what I know about High School entry:


    If anyone has a child currently in Year 6 who might be thinking of going to any of the schools on this list


    from Year 8 onwards, registrations are now open for academic scholarships through ACER


    They register now, sit the exam in early February, for entry the following Jan/Feb (i.e. 2014). The results are then sent to the schools you have listed, and they make a decision based on that as to whether they wish to offer your child a scholarship, and at what percentage (I have heard of some getting 100% scholarships, down to 25%)


    Both my kids managed to get scholarships for the school of our choice - you can put in for more than one school if you wish - thanks mainly to a brilliant Year 6/7 teacher they both had rather than any inherited brains I have to say, but it's definitely worth looking into.


    One more thing worth considering - if your child is sitting the exam in Feb, well worth asking the teacher before the end of the term in Dec to send them home some practice work to do over the long summer holidays, so their brains don't totally die!!

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    Just bumping this up again for anyone whose kids are going into Year 7 after Christmas

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