Advice Please - Rentals on Arrival

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    Was unsure where to post this so decided to go with general.


    We fly out in April 2013 and we are thinking of perhaps going into self catering apartments for a couple of weeks and then looking for a rental when we are there.

    On looking at rentals at the moment they seem to be really expensive and I don't want to tie us down to a particular area until we have arrived, as we have never been to Adelaide before and I don't want to commit incase we don't like it when we arrive.


    Has anyone else done this and what was your experience in this. My concern of having a holiday let/ self catering apartment etc is that when we need to give out forwarding addresses.


    How long does it take normally to find a rental property? Are they readily available or is it best to book in advance?


    We are a family of 4 hubby, me and our two daughters, and I just don't want to keep moving them from house to house.


    Any advice or info would be grately appreciated.




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    Your plan is what most people usually do. Short term holiday let/furnished let for a few weeks, then find a longer term rental once arrived. Generally it seems people find a place within a few weeks of arriving. Some book short term rentals for 6-8 weeks but IMHO that is over doing it and also can be very pricey.


    Plenty of forum members offer furnished short term rentals. Check the AA section for those. Also plenty of other companies/people out there if you search online or have a look at other threads on the subject.


    I'd set up a post restante if you are worried about a forwarding address. So mail for a while will go to that in Aus and then once you have a longer term rental, change it to that.


    For short term furnished book as early as you can. Don't leave it too late as they do fill up.


    Very wise to not try to arrange a longer term rental till you are in Aus. Much better to be on the ground so you can check out areas, commutes, schools and so on and see what appeals and works for you as a family. Also some rentals can be made to look great in pics but are far from it when viewing. I'd defo wait till you arrive before trying to secure a longer term rental. A few weeks in a holiday let will be just that. A bit of a camp out for the kids, adventure and then get yourselves sorted.


    Good luck with it all :)

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