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Returning to the uk?

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    We were wondering what people have done about returning back to the uk for big events like weddings and big birthdays. This year we have 2 big birthdays in the family and two weddings next year (our friends). Have people had the chat with friends and family before they go about not being able to come back for them all? We feel guilty as we are going to have to end up choosing what things we go to or end up returning by separtely. What have other people done or plan to do?



    Liz and Kris

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    This is one of the downsides of living here I'm afraid.


    Buying flights to the UK is quite expensive here.

    Mrs Tyke is popping back for a few weeks in June - costing roughly $2700 including those flipping taxes!!


    Over the past few years Mrs Tyke and myself have popped back to the UK.

    Both our Mum's were very ill and passed away.

    This is when you need a bit of emergency money tucked away - or I think you can take out a small insurance policy to cover compassionate flights back.


    We have never all gone back as a family yet as someone has to hold the fort here - one day we'll do it.


    You will have to be ruthless I'm afraid and just pick the very most important occasions.

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