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    Hi there,


    My husband and I are hoping to move over from Scotland early in the new year and he has been offered a job based in Roseworthy. I was having a little browse for rental properties but I have no idea what the different areas are like and which are the ones to try to avoid.


    I think we'll need to be within 20-30 mins drive of Roseworthy and ideally reasonable links to the city, so if anyone can tell me the names of some of the nicer areas to aim to search then I'd be really grateful. We will be taking our dog too so need to bare in mind relatively dog-friendly areas.


    Thanks in advance for any help you can give us!



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    Guest Guest75

    Hi Emma


    I've worked on Roseworthy Campus , on a field test for olive trees.


    It's going to be hot and flat up there.


    Your nearest major suburbs would be Gawler / Willaston.

    Lovely area, very "country town"



    After that there is Lyndoch and Tanunda, again - country towns.

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