For sale - camper trailer, tent and camping gear

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    Hi All,


    Should have added that the main selling item is the camper trailer. I am not at present selling all the camping gear seperatley...

    I want to offer the camping gear to the person that buys the camper trailer as likely they will be new to camping and need the gear.

    Therefore, it will be a good purchase to be able to buy the camper the second addon tent and the otehr stuff if you are just starting out. Great buy for a family just over and wanting to experience australia. If the person thast buys the camper does not need to bits and pieces with offer seleratly at a later date, thanks for your patience :)


    Some of you may know me Ive sold many good items on here.


    We purchased quite recently from an Australia couple (who are such neat freaks) a camper trailer in excellent condition. Planned our first camping trip and bought loads of new equipment, much of it only used once or not at all.


    However, my husband has a shoulder injury and now find we wont be able to realistically use this equipment to its potential.


    At the weekend I will be listing the camper trailor and all the equipment on Gumtree unless one of you poms are interested in buying it all first.


    The camper has a great large queen bed, the tent is made from top quality Australian canvas and also a brand new 4 man tent, a brand new never used portable toilet and many other items, including the electric box for plugging in at sites from 15amp down to 13 amp so that you can use standard electrical items....


    If you are interested please message me.


    We want $3200.00 for the camper trailer and the other stuff is negotiable, I will list it all down.


    Its a great time of year to be planning camping and there are lost of wonderful places to go with your family...


    Lynne & Gerard


    aldinga beach

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