Couple in mid-20's looking for meet ups bbq's

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    Hi all,


    My partner and I have recently moved to Adelaide we are very keen to met new people/couples, would be great to get a bbq meet up happening now the weather is getting nicer, does anyone know of any good outdoor sites around? We live in the Woodville Area, close to Glenelg and Henley Beach.


    Would be great to hear from anyone and get something organised, just don't know enough about the areas.


    Thanks Leanne and Simon.

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    Guest Fatbob



    We are the same as you, just arrived and in our 20s. Would also like to meet up. Weekends are good for us or most evenings.




    Chris and Kathryn

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    Guest Lorraine Doyle

    Hi and welcome to Adelaide. My number is 0403 178 001 if you ever fancy a meet up with my hubby and I.

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    Guest Andy-Laa

    Sounds good, Leanne!


    My partner and I are up at Darlington, but am house-sitting for friends in Adelaide North come mid-December, so the sooner the better for me.


    I'm not employed until mid-next month, but my partner is a permanent full-time teacher so she can only really do weekends (but I'd be happy to go stag - I'm trying to make friends outside of her friendship group anyway - she's Adelaidean).


    I'm 20, but mature for my age; I'm from the Wirral originally and am awaiting a permanent partner visa currently.


    As for public BBQs, I only know of one up the road from us - it's at Mostyn Road (which is just off where Main South Road and Seacombe Road intersect) which isn't too far from you guys :)


    Map location:



    Route from Woodville (The Seacombe Rd/South Road intersection is currently blocked because of roadworks):



    Screenshot of park (it only looks like that in REALLY hot summers! Promise!):




    Hope to hear from you soon - drop me a PM and I'll send you my number (I am only now just starting to properly use this site and am not sure how to do some stuff on here! haha)

    Edited by Andy-Laa

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