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Advice/Help Buying a Secondhand Car, plz

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    Well, it's finally time to look at cars for our prospective P plater but it's harder than it looks. Seems like the RAA can be booked a week in advance - and I want the car checked out asap! (by 'I' I mean the kid lol!)


    So, could anyone please give me some advice when buying from a private seller? Does anyone have a trusted mechanic round the Campbelltown area that might be up for checking out a car for me, please. Obviously we'd pay!


    Okay, that's about it. The last car we bought from a private seller was a few years ago and as they were off here and seemed nice, we just trusted them...but this time it will be a random and I'm worried!


    Thank you very, very much :)


    :notworthy: LC

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    Thanks for that, Stevo.


    Stupid as this will sound - and I realise it does! - I honestly never thought of just taking it to a garage lol!


    :wubclub: LC

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