Leaky taps and recurring plumbing solution?

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    I've often had recurring problems with leaky taps, taps getting difficult to use, despite regular maintenance, replacement of washers and regular plumber visits. I used one of the recent plumbers I've used once or twice to do a few bits and pieces and he bought me some new taps for the laundry after multiple problems with the previous ones. He bought a "better" lot and straight away they started to leak and we thought they were faulty but he decided to do a water pressure test and found that my water pressure was twice what it should be and put in a regulator. He did this for the cost of the regulator only as there were a few issues with the job done and some confusion with the costs quoted. He then replaced the new taps. I also had to get my sink tap replaced as it had gotten hard to turn on and off, despite it being relatively new and the bathroom tap was also serviced. He also said that the high pressure can cause damage to appliances like washing machines and dishwashers as they aren't made any more to take that kind of pressure. It only took him a moment to check the pressure also. Worth keeping in mind if you are having recurring issues. If you want to know the name of the plumber I can highly recommend them they seem very knowledgeable. Send me a PM (Excuse the "lecture" to all of those that probably knew this years ago....just thought it might come in handy to others like me....still learning...).


    If you have a newer home you are probably ok.

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