Guest adelsparks

Just Returned from our reccie to Adelaide

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    Guest adelsparks

    Brilliant Place, Flew with singapore airlines and had 5hr stop off. Got our passport/Visa arrived Stamp in Adelaide Brilliant.

    Hire car from Easycar via europcar very easy, fantastic fuel prices, some one told us that the fuel prices go up at the weekends but didnt notice, However the fuel does cost more near the city centre or 40kM out of the city so dont get caught short.

    The roads are so Wide and nobody rushes or tailgates so relax and drive like an Ozzy, Oh and the 1 way roads into the city and out again really work Great.

    The cost of food is slightly more and the supermarkets are nothing like as big as in the UK, also the cost of wheat products is very high at the moment because of a few years of failed crops and droughts, we paid $5 for a loaf of bread and saw current buns on sale at $4.50 But all is not so bad on the food front, eating out is about 40 - 50% cheaper than the UK.

    And they do have Drive through off-licences Not kidding how cool is that. What was good to see was the Prohibited alcohol signs around Streets and beaches( No drunks or p****d up teenagers) and cops enforcing the laws.

    Shopping malls as good or better than the UK. also electronics are the same prices as UK.

    Now the Good stuff. Beaches EXCELLENT. Glenelg, Brighton, West beach and so on Brilliant White sand, calm seas with either No waves or up to 2 foot high so Great for little ones (im not sure if this changes through the Seasons). but we did drive south and found Surfing beaches not far away.

    As for Suburbs to live, it depends on what your looking for we all Know houses are more affordable to the Expats with cash from the UK. But get out there and youll find what you want. I think its Hallet cove for us

    The sights and Experiences we had were unbelievable to us from a council estate from Slough. Hand feeding Kangaroos, petting Koalas, lunch with a greedy Pelican walking around the table, watching Dolphins in the port , a flock of Parrots flying along next to the car and so much more

    Nasties Only saw 1 spider and i was really looking, white tail spider , walking accross the ceiling (Caught it in a Glass (angry bugger) and threw it outside, didn't recognise it till we came back to UK.) in our Dulux cabin(can thoroughly recommend Adelaide shores caravan site, Friendly helpful staff good site & base camp) Also two cockroaches in the evening 1 outside and 1 on Threshhold trying to get past screen door,Creeps me out

    All the people we spoke to were so helpful, kind and outgoing, Australians and Ex pats alike. with so many good suggestions and advice

    it all seems so much cleaner than the uk we loved it and we're going for good in July 08 forever we hope.

    1 thing though, when we got back to the UK I asked my 8 year old son, What he thought of Australia? and his reply was.

    He Thought the Toys R Us stores there where bigger and better in Oz.


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    Guest Guest75

    Glad you liked it here,could tell from word one:):)


    It's orrible going back though isn't it:sad:


    Kind of spurs you on to get here.


    Good luck.

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