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    We have been here 1 month now and currently in aldinga beach. We are looking to move to seaford rise and have been looking for childcare centres for my 3 year old son. We have been on a couple of visits to christies beach children's centre at the top of Kelly street. It seems really nice but just wondering if anyone knows anything about it. Just don't want to get Noah settled then fund out something which makes us want to move him. Any reviews would be appreciated


    Em & si

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    Sorry about late reply, in the middle of packing AGAIN !! Lol. The child care is called "Christies beach children's centre". It's on Kerry Rd in Christies beach. I visited a few and even though this was not the "smartest" looking centre, it definitely was the most child friendly and warm which I felt was much more important. My son was very happy there. I suggest you also put his name down for Frieda korpe Kindy. This is by far the most wonderful " pre school" I have ever seen. Josh and most of the other children were devastated when they left there a few weeks ago. Best of luck with your move. Clare x

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