Good for young family?

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    We are in the process of trying to narrow down areas where we would like to settle. Unfortunately, we can't really afford to do a reccie so all our research is being done by internet, books and information gleamed from others!


    We have two young children, 6 & 7, so their needs are really the driving force behind the final choice we make.


    We have got a few areas we like the look of and wondered if anyone had any feedback with children in mind - schools, other children, play parks, proximity to beach/open spaces, activities etc..


    Our current favourites are Onkaparinga Hills, McLaren Vale & Hallett Cove.


    Any feedback - good and bad - you can give would be very welcome






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    Guest Guest75

    Hi Julie


    There are loads of places to choose from.


    We live in Onk Hills and love it,it is a somewhat quieter area.Not as many parks/reserves and 5 mins drive to the sea.


    Hallett cove is very popular with people settling from the UK.It is right on the sea with a smallish beach and quite few parks /reserves.


    McLaren Vale is a little further out and still retains a village and community feel.:)

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    Guest wobbles

    Hi Julie,


    We moved here in January with our 6 and 8 year old boys and have been living in Seaford Rise, one of the southernmost suburbs. We like it because it is literally a few minutes from Moana Beach, which is fantastic. It has a good shopping centre and lots of schools. It's all relatively new, so the streets and houses look nice. Our boys are at Seaford Rise Primary and have settled well, although the youngest really doesn't like his teacher. Meanwhile the older one loves his and is really thriving. The downside is it's a long commute if, like me, you work in the city. I catch the bus and train, which takes me an hour and 10 minutes. That said, it's not a stressful journey - you always get a seat, and at $26.90 for 10 journeys (each trip within 2 hours counts as one journey) it's very cheap. The other downside is it's getting expensive to buy there, and land releases are very slow in coming up if you want to build.


    Hope that helps,


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